Perception of Spoken English (POSE) Test  

System Requirements

In general, any modern computer running a modern browser can be used to take the POSE Test. We are also working on a version for mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets. Below are more specific system requirements.

  • a computer with a keyboard and mouse; a smartphone or tablet
  • a browser with the following features:
    • Javascript enabled — most modern browsers are javascript enabled, but it is possible to turn this feature off. Some more security-minded browsers may have javascript disabled by default. Click the "Javascript Test" button below to see if your browser is javascript enabled. If you have javascript enabled, you should see a box pop-up that says "Javascript enabled!". If you do not see this box, then you need to enable Javascript in your browser before taking the POSE test. Visit to find specific instructions on how to enable javascript for your particular browser.

    • HTML 5 support — most modern browsers support HTML 5. The audio components of the POSE Test are delivered via the HTML 5 audio element. You can find out if your browser supports HTML 5 by going to
    • Images enabled — most modern browsers show images by default, but some people with slow Internet connections may have disabled showing images to save bandwidth.

    Chrome is the recommended browser for the POSE Test. You can download Chrome by going to

  • an Internet connection — in general, any connection speed is okay, but you may notice some lag with a slower connection. The POSE Test contains images and audio files that may take longer to download over a slower connection (e.g. dial-up). A broadband or DSL connection is recommended.
  • speakers or headphones
  • a monitor with a resolution of at least 1024 by 768 — a smaller monitor may require horizontal scrolling